Meine Schatz

Mein Lieblingsfrühstück Wird Sein

oh no, am i wake up late in another side of this empire state ?
its like am haunting something i was  wore last nite.

your voice. i lost it.

arrggghhh !!

– wait –

i really dont know why i should write here for.

as u know we have project we should done in handsbook isnt it ?

yes !! for our meeting dateline..

lemme spell it :


i have no idea. will i still write there after the day we meet..?

or will u still gonna write our loves story in the novel as what u wish ?

YES i will.

no, thats “will” is my answer, i dont know yours.
so hows your morning, Schatzi..?

i still can really feels your doubt..

what’s that about..?

will this YourMan transform to be  a Superman for awhile ? with a kind of mind reader power or transparant eyes that can see through your heart and what it says as a running text ?

just awhile i wish.

cz am way blank to express myself..

or if u have the same changes, will u take the same ?

to be a SuperWomen that can read mind and see wht my heart speaks as a running text..or way better than that.

thats italic words above only on my mind.

it will never be turn to words u will heard.

cz how i really love in peace with u than to suffer in fight.

and we both know that.

so, u have a noodle for ur breakfast..

is that with eggs again ?

u asking me about breakfast i havent had. or u wanna served it maybe..

as u asking me yesterday how i love my sandwich will served..? with tomatoes of beef..?

honestly how my favorite breakfast would served is, with your kiss.


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