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Wir werden haben was wir geben..

He : i wanna make love with u..with one condition. we both should using a protector. the most safest things in this world. would you do it with me ?

She : u mean… condoms ?

He : wedding rings.

she : why you do this to me ? why would u love me ?

he : i dont know. i just cant do anything else. i just do what my heart wants to do

she : i will hurt u.. we both will hurts.

he : ………

she : you know we never can be together !! dont u know that ??

he : i’m not God.. neither u

she : dont bring God-

he : i always bring Him in every part of my life

she : okey, so ask to God what He did to us ???

he : He’s not yet done with us.

she : what do u mean ? i’m asking u to ask God, not for answering like that.

he : you can speak, you also always pray.. why u didnt ask Him by yourself ?

she : you are the one who should ask Him.

he : i cant.

she : what u mean u cant ?

he : i already received too much from Him, as now i have chance to be with you.. is the most beautiful live i never imagine before, i have no capability to asking more than this..

she : but God put us in hard situations, dont u know that ?

he : He just trusts us too much, that we can handle it. and u know that. And so, i know we can-

she : u dont make sense. this is not church or mosque.

he : we didnt need church or a mosque to say the truth

she : stop it. just tell me, where our relationship will go ?

he : am not the only one Captain in this Ship.. i’m with you, we will decide it together.

she : listen, i think i cant do it anymore.

he : ………

she : i’m so tired with all

he : ……..

she : too much problems that make me stuck

he : …….

she : are u listen to me or not ?!

he : i am

she : why u silent ?

he : i’m just waiting for your last question

she : how if i still love someone else ?

he : i cant do anything with that. thats your feelings..

she : what u mean ?

he : we have efforts for what we feel

she : so u think i have no effort ?

he : ofcourse u have.. effort is not a responsibility, but willingness.

she : so what u will do if i love another guy ?

he : i wont harm u. i’m just gonna pray

she : to take me back ? and you win me again ?

he : win you ? so its may have another person to lose then. pray for someone else’s lose, is bad.

she : then ?

he : i just wanna asking a strong heart to handle myself.. a strong eyes to hold my tears. and a strong knees for always pray for you happiness.. if only i will be the one who should lose. thats all.


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