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Amor Es Esperanza #2

…. Without the moon and winking stars in it skies,

The Night will always be called The Night ….

3:23 Am – Avenue de Buenos Ayres

freaks !! i cant sleep.

well’aii.. really never know or learn how to sleep, i mean if we sleepy we just fall asleep, right ? or left ? or center ? whatever 😑

some people need some pills or maybe syringes too, just to make them closed their eyes.

i can get easy to fall asleep when i’m tired. and i’m not tired right now. and if the tired one is your soul, long sleep also will never get enough to go.

but i dont know why, God also dressed you with that amazing talent. i mean, to make me sleep easily. no, i mean, to make me easily fall asleep,, no no i mean,, to make me fall asleep with peace..

oh shoots,, 😬 am i just writing another words of R.I.P ??

no,, i mean i really can sleep well if you are around me.

yes !!! thats what i’m gonna tell.

yell 🤔

no, just tell.. 😑

asshhh. look.

i dont know how many mailbox you will received after you give on your phone later or when the signal just cum again.

i hope you will not getting anger also with the sounds of unstopped notifications from your messages in any applications we connected.

I’m worried.. why you can understand that ?!

why you like so happy to leave me in unknown directions of you ? 😠

yes.. I’m angry right now. 😡

I’m angry cz you didnt sent me any messages since you just dropped the call. 😞 I’m just worried..

Please !!

i get up and uphold my pillow to leaning.

awhh what is these,,i feel my nape touch something keen..

i try to rub my nape and search what was that on my pillow..

Godness. your earring.

we was….searching for it a month ago,,you dashed out in hurry to run for AZA 317 that brough you to Rome, and leave me here alone.

Are u wonder now why I’m not searching for that after you go ?

Exactly yes i did,,

but what was i found there only your smells, and this meshing bed nothing else more.

Yes i didnt clean up it. Disgusting isnt it ?

I – dont – way – carreeee.

I didnt want your smells gone.

Its 5:00 Am now, and i still cant sleep..

just look out the window its getting rain. Demmm !!

this feelings again.

I’m  turn my desk calendar,,oh may mayyyy… yes it was a month ago.

This day. Today.

i just can rub my face with my palms and exhale as big as i can.

thats nite.

after our Super in Chez Ribe.

we have no umbrella to home.

you refused Uber,, u said, getting in the rain with me would be more memorable than just kissing in the backseat of the car.

its just 300 meter to my block from Chez Ribe, but with you..

thats nite really was a huge stage for us.

the rain not cold enough to make us shiver,, the thunder wasnt hard enough to hide our whisper :

” I LOVEE YOUUU !!!” , you shout out loud with your face up to the sky.

With sometimes you smile wide like you let the rains down to your mouth and give you power to shouting like that.

“baby,,please,,what are you doing ? stop it..” , I’m wondering cz everybody just staring at us.


you keep shouting out loud with a graceful face still look up to the sky.

Oh – my – God.

Now everyone in the Chez Ribe outside chair staring at us too.

I even know that taxi driver was stopped only for smile and gimme thumbs,, i just can reply him with wierd smile and hand wave say : merci.

Also that little girl in the front seat of the red car beside us, who seems asking someting to her mom about what you did, cz her little finger was pointing on you. And like i know her mom answering : you will understand that when you growing up and be a lady like her.

Akay i think enough for the attractions. I walked close to you cz you moving around like enjoying the rain as sounds of music for you to dance.

I hold and touch your cheeks.

“what are u doing..?”, i whispering carefully

“i wanna shout to the world. I wanna that Eiffel also know about what i feel. I want everybody know how happy i am now. I wanna -”

Am just put my finger verticaly on your lips to stop your words, but

You throw my finger and shout again

“why ? Am i do something evil ? Am i do something wrong ? Am i made you shame ? Am i -”

~ Blaarrrr ~ Now the thunder shut you up,, as you directly close your eyes and cover your ears with your hands..

….but my hands already there.

Then you open your eyes slowly..

I really love the way you did it..

Heavenly.. Just like in the morning when i always wait you to open it up..

I just can rubbing your cheeks with my thumbs..and bite my lower lips. And hugs you, hope you stop all thats words, but again, that wasnt good choice to shut you up.

“tell me ?? am i brave enough now to tell to the world how much i love you ?? am i still wrong if i can do more than you can do ??”, now you whispering thats words with your soft trembling voice, with your head in my shoulder.

“No you not !! you – totally – not !!”

i try to calm you but,

then you move out from my arms, and step backward.

“say it,, shout it,, tell to them that you only love me. let this world know. shout it now !!”

i just can pull you really tight back in my chest.

tighter than i ever did before.

and i know you can feels my body trembling. no i’m not cold. I really burn that nite. and i’m happy we was in the rain. so i didnt need to see your tears, or you see mine.

i still hugs you and just whispering on your ear : “Ich liebe dich.. Ich liebe dich so so sehr, Schatzi..”

“why..? why you just wishpering it to me ?”

“You.. you are my world.. my all.. i didnt need to shout it loud. you already know that by now.. and you will always know..” yes i cant see your tears. yes you also cant see mine.

but we both know, the rain tasted in our lips getting salty bcz of it. wiped that cherry taste from your sexy lips.

and we walked home like Avenue de Suffren just a chapell of wedding.

yes our chapell..

we walk in hands without flower in our heads but rain.

6:30 Am

i woke up and directly see my phone,, just some email from office friend and games and misscall from my mom. your name still absence.

i check your ticket again..
i still have kind of 3hours before you come..

hah ??!! what is this ??

shoots !!

not yet done with what i have looked on my pajamas pant, my bells rings me.

~ Ding Donng Diingg Doonng ~

      “Mr.Archer Mr.Archer , Bonjourrr ,, are you home ?”

omg,, why and why ? why – should – she – come – in the worst – time, demm!! i walk to my door and found a Parisian women just standing out of it.

“hoo-hoolla Madame Serena, hehe.. bonjour..”

      “ahhh there you are, how are u ? i come to bring your milk, this is still fresh and–heyy why you hiding like that in the door, do you have problem with it or–“

oh shootss shootss,,why she bangs my door open like this no no no–

      “have problems with, bonnerr..?”😯

“oh hehheehee i-i-am a-m you know what-the rain so cold haha and aii-just wake up late..” 😅

“aaaa you wake up so early then. I put it there so you can prepare your self before office..”

“hehehe sûr. Merci beaucoup”

“and dont forget to shake it..”  “sorry ? To sh-shake what ??”

“the milk.. It will get colder when you take it before you go..just shake it some..”

“heheh ofcourse i will.. I will put it in icebox to keep it fresh. Super merci madame,,good day for yah..”

She just shut the door and go.

Dankkk !! Thanks God she go.

Bonnie,,shake,,that winks. What she tried to sayyy.. 😤

Oh shootss,, no,,

its 7:01Am already. I’m gonna be late.

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Ya Basta el Tiempo..

theres time to stop for everything.

theres time to stop to think.

theres time to stop to talk and walk.

theres time to stop to stalk.

theres time to stop to read and play.

theres time to stop and go away.

theres time to stop to wait and see.

theres time to stop for us or we.

theres time to stop to lied and swear.

theres time to stop and not go there.

theres time to stop to the born and dies.

theres time to stop that beautiful lies.

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Begraben mich in deinem Herzen, Schatzi..

the nite was fine, the moonlight perfectly pretty.

he meet that girl right in the avenue line stright to Seine, she sureprised because she have no appointment to pick up or being pick up by.

She just can watch his motobike from another direction as it come closer and the owner open his helmet cover. his motobike lamp make her blind for awhile and try to recognize that guy.

she : Schatz ??

he : am i sureprised u ?

she : where are you going ? you said you ha-

he : yes i have meeting, and done already. i miss you. i have too meet my princess, here i am..

She still try to understand the situations. no, its complicated situations, cz she was going to meet her secret boy friend in the Seine at 7 Pm and its 6:55 Pm already.

he : where are u going ? you said wanna go to Lidl to buy some groceries, is Lidl have a new branch around here ? omg,, i will kill some of their staff cz not inform me about that-

she : no, Schatz, i’m just going to see that little violin girl first, i cant found her in Canal St.Martin, they said she probably here so I…..I….I miss her violin sounds..

he go down from his motobike, and touch her cheeks. look deep in her beautiful eyes.. so deep.  and sooo long, maybe about 10second, enough to make her blushing. she try to calm and seen as normal as possible, she’s not a good liar anyway.
after he make sure something in her face, he just rubbing his thumbs on her cheeks as always.

he : you are cold. you shivering..

he put off his jacket on his girl, hugs her and kiss her head for awhile.
its 7:10 Pm already. but she cant do anything. except hugs him not really tight.

he : come on.. we go to Lidl now ? or some candle light dinner ? L’Abeille ?

she smile, with a weird smile, no no no. not a sarcasm smile, its just weird smile cz shes confused. she dirrectly hope she is an Amoeba, or any superwoman that can be cloned to have date with 2 guys in the same time.

he : baby ? are you alright ?

she : uhum.. take me to the moon, Prince.

she jump in the back seat and hugs him tight.

He drove his motobike speeding over 100 mph over Rue de Seine.

thats girl scared and start screaming.

she : Schatzzz please slow !!!

he : no, it’s fuunn!! (laughing)

she : Schatzz please,,its not funny, i’m scared!!

he : hugs me tight !!!

She hugs him really-really tight like she doesn’t want anybody take him from her side. but he not slow down his motobike.

she : schattzzzz !!!

he : do you really love me ??!!!

she : yesss!!! i love you!! please slow down !!!

he : whattt ? i cant clearly heard that, do you really really love me ????

she : omg yheeeesss!!! I REALLY REALLY LOVE YOUU!! please, please drive slowly!!”

She scream louder with shivering cz she sure the motobike run more fast than before.

he : hahaha.. I love you too !! u know that ?? i love you too!! so much!! you should remember that always !!!

He keep drove fast and his girl just hugs him so tight. till maybe her linger can broke some of his ribs.

he : baby!! can you take my helmet off and put in on ?? its bugging me.


in the La Croix next day :

“A motorcycle had crased into a building because of break failure. 2 victims being evacuated to American Hospital of Paris, but only one survived”

only God, that guy, and the angels that on the night was watch over both of them knows the truth.

while they crossing halfway down the road, he realized that his breaks broke, but he didn’t want to let the girl know. he know she will more scared.

instead, he had her say she loved him, felt her hugs one last time, then had her wear his helmet so she would safe even though it meant he would die.

he was laugh to covers all his pain..
he know already that girl have another afair.

he know probably she going to meet him on that night.

but he hope he wrong, and never found her there, so he just bring one helmet.

he just dont want to let it happen or maybe he just really miss her.

he saved his last cry not for how hard the building destroyed his neck or head.

he even still can breath a second after a long iron of that building pierced his chest, her favorite place to lay, and write “ich liebe dich, Archer” softly with her finger.

and he using that last breath to hold her hand and said : I always love you. Forever.

he fly.. he goes to the moon.


without her.

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Du bist spät. Er ist nicht in der Chez Ribe. Nicht länger..

you should been come before all that doves run and fly..

you should be the one who stop his cry.

you should been there before that train whistling..

you should be the one who knows how hard he was fighting.

you should been there before your private ship sailed.

you should be the one who help it from sinked.

you should been there before the big rain coming out.

you should be the one who hugs him, and say “I love u” so loud.

you should been there before he burned his appartement.

you should be the one who calm that man.

you should been !!!

you should have !!!

but you way too late ,

he is not there in the Chez Ribe .

He is Died.

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Wir werden haben was wir geben..

He : i wanna make love with u..with one condition. we both should using a protector. the most safest things in this world. would you do it with me ?

She : u mean… condoms ?

He : wedding rings.

she : why you do this to me ? why would u love me ?

he : i dont know. i just cant do anything else. i just do what my heart wants to do

she : i will hurt u.. we both will hurts.

he : ………

she : you know we never can be together !! dont u know that ??

he : i’m not God.. neither u

she : dont bring God-

he : i always bring Him in every part of my life

she : okey, so ask to God what He did to us ???

he : He’s not yet done with us.

she : what do u mean ? i’m asking u to ask God, not for answering like that.

he : you can speak, you also always pray.. why u didnt ask Him by yourself ?

she : you are the one who should ask Him.

he : i cant.

she : what u mean u cant ?

he : i already received too much from Him, as now i have chance to be with you.. is the most beautiful live i never imagine before, i have no capability to asking more than this..

she : but God put us in hard situations, dont u know that ?

he : He just trusts us too much, that we can handle it. and u know that. And so, i know we can-

she : u dont make sense. this is not church or mosque.

he : we didnt need church or a mosque to say the truth

she : stop it. just tell me, where our relationship will go ?

he : am not the only one Captain in this Ship.. i’m with you, we will decide it together.

she : listen, i think i cant do it anymore.

he : ………

she : i’m so tired with all

he : ……..

she : too much problems that make me stuck

he : …….

she : are u listen to me or not ?!

he : i am

she : why u silent ?

he : i’m just waiting for your last question

she : how if i still love someone else ?

he : i cant do anything with that. thats your feelings..

she : what u mean ?

he : we have efforts for what we feel

she : so u think i have no effort ?

he : ofcourse u have.. effort is not a responsibility, but willingness.

she : so what u will do if i love another guy ?

he : i wont harm u. i’m just gonna pray

she : to take me back ? and you win me again ?

he : win you ? so its may have another person to lose then. pray for someone else’s lose, is bad.

she : then ?

he : i just wanna asking a strong heart to handle myself.. a strong eyes to hold my tears. and a strong knees for always pray for you happiness.. if only i will be the one who should lose. thats all.