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A Message From Heaven..

Perhaps you aren’t ready yet to have to say goodbye..

Perhaps you’ve thought of things you wish you’d say..

well, so have I..

For one thing, I’d have told you..

not too worry about me..

I’m with the Lord in Heaven now..

you knew that’s where I’d be..

I’m sorry that your are feeling sad.

for I’m so happy now..

I’ve asked the Lord to ease the hurt

and comfort you somehow.

it’s hard at the beginning..

but I know you will make it through.

I hope it helps to know,

you have to..

that I will waiting you here,

and I will always love you..

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Je laisse Dieu m’attendre à dormir



mimpi teraborsi.

Dibuyar bedug,

alarm berbunyi..

04:00 Pagi !!

Diusik malas..

Mata rapat dikencing setan.

Tuaann, Tuhankah bukan ?

Tunggu sebentar,

Kantukku belum terbayar.

Absurd melancang..

Lidah tak dapat dikekang.

Raja siang meninggi,

Bertambah satu pelanggaran lagi.

They said.. the best prays always fly more high in the morning sky..

catch and found it.